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criticsm.jpgMy dictionary says that criticism is “the art of judging with
propriety  Of the beauties and faults of a performance; remark on
beauties and  faults; critical observation, verbal or written.” Col.
George Washington  Goethels, the man who completed the Panama Canal,
handled criticism effectively.

During the construction he had numerous problems with the geography,
Climate and mosquitoes. Like all mammoth projects, he had his critics
back home  who constantly harped on what he was doing and predicted
that he would  never complete the project.

However, he stuck to the task and said nothing.  One day an associate
asked him, “Aren’t you going to answer the critics?”

“Yes,” Goethels responded.
“How?” he was asked.
“With the Canal,” Goethels replied.

Though that approach didn’t bring instant satisfaction, the Panama
Canal itself brought long-term vindication.  Aristotle said criticism
was meant as a standard of judging will.  Addison said it was
ridiculous for any man to criticize the works of another if  he has
not distinguished himself by his own performance.  It has also been
said that no one so thoroughly appreciates the value of constructive
criticism as the one who is giving it. The world is hard on critics,
but on occasion  they have real value.

Ask yourself this question: “What interest does this  person (critic)
have in me?” A parent, teacher, employer or coach has a vested
interest in your performance. Unfortunately, many of them do not
know  how to effectively build a person up while giving suggestions
that can make a difference.

The key is to criticize the performance and not the  performer. My
mother once criticized my performance by saying, “For most boys this
would be all right. But you’re not most boys– you’re my son and my
son  can do better than that.” She had “criticized the performance,”
because it needed improvement, but she had praised the performer
because he needed  the praise.

Kiriman dari Andreas Kuswara
Universitas Bina Nusantara – Jakarta


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